The Oblivious Heart of Mutual Feelings

She likes him. He likes her back. Everyone sees it but both of them don’t. It was never easy for either of them to give in, both were always waiting for the right time. The only problem was, time wasn’t on their side. Body language was always their form of communication when they lack the exact words they want to express. It was always their way of saying “I miss you” without ever saying it. Obviously love was in the air, they’re just not breathing it, well not consciously.

He’s not always the perfect prince charming for the damsel in distress. Some days he’s Captain Hook messing up things along the way, being a pirate in claimed territories. Other times, he’s little Charlie waiting for his golden ticket. But at the end of the day he’s always the guy to leave a mark. The damsel is the girl who believes in fate. She’s the hopeless romantic who dreams of prince charming to man up. A damsel in distress at heart though denied every chance of being saved. A girl who he thoughtlessly cares for.

This oblivion of mutual feelings is neither fun nor disheartening. You see two individuals travel the course of doubt and expectations which is never good to feel. The thrilling rush of nervousness radiates all around your body and you feel like falling when really it’s just your heart beating fast.

They wait it out, feeling each others’ gestures if they feel the same way. Both afraid of rejection so they choose to just shut their mouth. It’s not a smart move, it’s being scared. They go home and replay the day spent together wondering of what-could-have-been if they pushed pass their limits, knowing what was beyond the line of getting close.


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