Half of My Heart

 It took me a while to know.

There were moments that I felt trapped in something that had been wrong from the beginning. There’s no pinpointing on how I shifted from a hope that needed certainty to one I come to know as confusion. Wrong choices often lead to regrets and these are burdens to our happiness. You can choose to turn regrets into lessons that change your future. I’m not saying that I regret having liked you. What I mean is that I regretted reserving myself for something I know wouldn’t happen.

I shouldn’t have wasted many years with the wrong person just because it feels safe. I admit I still like you but it’s beginning to feel like it’s not worth it anymore. I am lost for reason why I still feel this way. Is it because you give me something to hold onto?  or simply because I like the way you make me feel.

It had a lot to do with how well I had hidden my unhappiness and it had everything to do with my timing. We met during a time where I still had a lot to figure out. We were both so young. Have I known how crucial every action, every choice, I wouldn’t be this confused. But you see, you made me feel like I am someone’s first choice and that was enough reason for me to stay.

If you could just say something, maybe you won’t be one of my regrets because now, I’m slowly giving up on you.


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