The Things I learned When I Fell In Love With You

1. First, is that you’re easy to fall in love with. Whether it may be your sense of humor or the way you do things with grace. It may have to do something about your good looks, but that’s only a bonus point. It’s easy to fall in love with you because you make it so easy for me to get to know you.

2. Second, is that you’re not afraid. Remember that first time, where you stood in front of the class and performed? or that time where you played that guitar and sang? It may not be as grand as bungee jumping or as nerve wracking when you watch a horror film, my point is that you know you can do something and you do it with enough confidence.

3. Your stubbornness  to use punctuation marks. You don’t use them, even in long sentences. And jeez do I have to figure out what you wanted to say.

4. The fourth, is your appetite for smileys and facebook stickers. Though I must admit, it certainly adds emotion to our never ending swirl of topics. You smile, I smile. You’re sad, I’m sad. It’s like seeing your expressions when you send those emoticons.

5. The fifth would be your uncanny personality. You always surprise me  with the things that you know and can do. And every time I learn something new, it makes me feel closer to you.

6. And Sixth, is the way you handled things between us. You understood and that was enough for me to know that you are worth the pain to go through.


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