When You Don’t Know What To Do With How You Feel, Write It Down

Thought Catalog

I know it’s really tough. I know it’s aching to get off your chest and that’s the reason why you just have to keep everything inside. You keep on smiling but truthfully, there are battles that you have to keep inside. You are holding back the tears and feigning that everything’s okay and at the end of the day, in your solitude, you are crying yourself to sleep which seems to be the only escape you’ve got to get away from reality. There are moments where you would even pray not to wake up anymore because you think that the affliction is excruciating.

Every single day is a great challenge for you, because it means having to pile out with a heavy heart. You have to compose yourself and wear a mask to hide what you truly feel inside. 

But I am here to listen. I will listen to all…

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