How Heartbreak Ends

Thought Catalog

In the beginning, we rationalize. We barter. We think. We overanalyze. We fantasize. Criticize. Hate. Cry. And repeat.

Our chests hurt. Our bodies shake. Our minds explode with sadness. And our throats get that constant lump in the back that we try to ignore.

We are afraid to sleep, afraid to eat, afraid to think. Nothing makes sense anymore. We have lost ourselves. We become walking zombies. For the few, a little more than that. But nevertheless, it never fails to remind us what we lost late at night.

We all think that we are the exception to the rule. We never actually believe that we are the rule. That no matter how many times people tell us they aren’t coming back, we beg to differ. We plan for that day when they will come back. When they realize what they lost. And how happy we will be. Life will…

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